Joys of June

After the last post, I feel as if I have said it all. The thoughts that had been cramming up my mind were all put to words in  Romance, Relationship and Being Right! But since a girl is never done with talking, this post will not be just a photolog. You'll have to read between the pictures, literally.

This pic was taken in early June on our trip to Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, about a fortnight before the state was devastated by heavy rains leading to flood. 
I scanned the map and found that Dhanaulti is a little out of the way of floods but the way it rained when we were there, I am just hoping that all those kind and sweet people we met there during our stay, are safe.

Another one from the hills of Uttarakhand.
Do you think they would have been able to brave the heavy showers?

Say YES! if you wore them to school.

As if my list of  'I-wish-I-had-time-for' was not long enough, I added another! 
Workout at office gym, which means 1 out of 24 hours is already used up.
But I am liking it :) 
Only if my Mom could see the difference in me! Sigh!

The stone won at the blogger meet ;)
Can read more here.

The meet turned out to be more fun than imagined.
Oh, by the way, they are having another meet in Delhi soon.
Check out Indiblogger's website if you'd like to be a part of it.

This one was taken from my terrace. 
No, we do not live on the seashore.
Thanks to the encroachment on either side of the road, there is hardly any outlet for the rainwater.

It's raining across the country.
It's raining at a few kilometers' distance.
But it is not raining in Gurgaon.
Probably the rain Gods are waiting for THIS to be complete.
Enroute work!

It's that time of the year when the king of fruits attends to the calls of it's people.
It's MANGO time in India :)
Some mangolicious love.

Food riot in my kitchen started with this- Paav Bhaaji.
Continued with Chicken Curry, Italian and South Indian.

I hardly get to see these pretty pinkies blooming in my garden.
They are at their best when I am at work and hence the name 'Office Time' or '9 o'clock'. 

Lovely lilies but unfortunately they don't last more than a couple of days.
Any idea, if their life can be extended? 

Oh, and just to let you all know.... while you are reading this, I am away eating mangoes and ice cream! The happy part about Indian summer! Enjoy!!

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  1. I m glad you went to uttarakhand before the tragedy happened and all those food sounds yummy. We are tired of endless rain here in east cost..coming on our way of enjoying summer :) enjoy the mango.

    1. I still think of the people and places we met/visited on our visit to Uttarakhand. Hope they are all fine and unaffected by the tragedy.

      Hope you are doing good, Nayana. And the rains are not troubling you any more.

  2. I started reading because of the bata shoes.... yes yes... fully reminds me of school!!!!

    I'm loving the pictures of the flowers and the yummy looking pav bhaji.... a great round up to the month :)

    1. I know.. :) Exactly why I shared this picture!! Thanks for visiting. See you often!


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