A Washroom Chat

There is something about girls and the conversations they have with their female friends in the ladies washroom. This pretty much explains why girls always look for companions while heading towards the restroom. Schoolgirls, business women, moms and elderly ladies, it's a trait common to all.


The other day I met this girl in the washroom. Look at her from a distance and you would say she must be in her early 20's. Go closer, you'd add another 3 years to her age.

Our conversation started in a very girly style (we girls usually do only 'girl talks' in washrooms). She said, even before we could exchange smiles, "Itne daane kyun ho rahe hain!"(Translation- "What's with all these pimples!"), looking at her face in the mirror.  I tried hard to find the pimples on her face but could not spot any. Girls usually hue and cry about the tiniest spot on their face but this, I knew was more than the general lament. Before my lips could decode my mind's message to ask her if she was getting married, pop came the next sentence. "Jaise jaise shaadi paas aa rahi hai aur kharaab ho rahi hai skin". (Translation- "As the wedding day is approaching, my skin is going from bad to worse.")

So, yes! She was getting married.

And she was pretty excited about that. And I could sense she wanted to tell me more!

In the next 5-7 minutes conversation I had with her, I knew all about her fiancee - his profession, his salary, his family, hometown, his brother and his family, his plans for her, how caring and understanding he was. And if that was not it, I was also informed of how they were planning to manage their finances in future, being a part of a joint family. Girls like knowing about other's lives and I admit (if you promise to forget it the moment you close this window) I do too. So there I was, enjoying the conversation.

We discussed how life changes after marriage and what qualities make a guy a nice husband. I being the experienced one, got the chance to give my two cents on these topics. It was interesting to see how every topic always turned towards THE groom :) 

But more than the personal details, I enjoyed her excitement, her expressions and her confidence in her man. The shy smiles, the wave of hand, the battling eyes and the careful nod of head, it was all so pleasing.

Marriage is a precious man-made bond. It changes the person you are. It gets the wildest and weirdest emotions out of you. And unless you are being forced to get married, you are at the zenith of excitement during your courtship period, love or arranged. You want to talk about your partner and let the world know that your search is finally over. And this is true for guys and gals alike.

Did not intend to talk about marriage in this post and so will not. Just wanted to share the enthusiasm of a young bride-to-be... and it's not just limited to shopping and elegant dresses and jewelry and food and looking pretty. I extends to her new family, her new life, responsibilities and HER PARTNER - every girl's dream!!


  1. So true about the excitement...once Before my marriage I met my husband then fiancé before going to work and when I arrived at office everyone could tell by look on my face that I had met him before coming to office..lol

    1. Awww... so sweet :) Wish I was there to see the glow on your face :)


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