Never Thought I'd Get There

Get 'there'! 
To the world of Digital Art.

I have stated time and again that I am an orthodox artist. I'd rather mess around with paints and in the process, get my hands and surroundings dirty than go the digital way. I settle in for photo editing results that the basic softwares provide than to spend time on Photoshop. Conventional has been my style all throughout.


One fine morning, as a part of my daily waking up regime, I was checking Facebook updates and I saw a very beautiful artwork done by one of my friends. The description said it was DIGITAL!! I knew that I was not going in that direction but could not help asking about the app used. 'Inspire for iPad' was the answer. The app was downloaded in no time and there I was, exploring it. Within a few minutes, I knew I was not made to use it. 

Did not think of using it AGAIN until today. 
Started off with a very basic Rothko pattern.

Applied some layers to it.

And then decided to finally test myself. 
After a lot of smudging and coloring, this is what makes me believe that may be digital can be my cup-of-'coffee' (I don't drink tea!)

Happy to be exploring this new area. Hope I have more to share down the line.


About the app, I won't say it gives you exactly what you want but doesn't hand made art has the same story! Art is all about evolving and for that, the app is perfect. The ease of use can be developed ONLY after reading the details about the tools. Thankfully, these instructions are short and don't bore you to sleep. 

I used the free version of the app and am really wondering what all features does the pro have. Free was just fine for me. Except! Except that I would have liked more number of possible 'undos', option to add text, so that I do not have to switch to a different app and the basic geometrical shapes. 

What is your style? Conventional or Digital? 
Any more suggestions for apps or softwares, anyone?


  1.'s definitely your cup of coffee :)

    1. Ahhh.. that is assuring!! Thanks for your undying support, Nayana :)

  2. what a bright the bright colours.


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