Tonight is surely a Good Night

The stories of 1947.
The tales of 1983.
2011: We have our own experience to share!!

Most of us were not even born and others (including Dhoni and a lot of other team members) were too young in 1983 to know the feeling of watching our country win the World Cup. We have heard how the bowlers did their best to defend a low total of 183... we have seen pictures of the young Kapil Dev clad in his blue blazer lifting the shiny cup, with a lot of English faces in the background... we understood that it must have been a really big moment... but it was not until today that we actually felt the joy!! Ravi Shastri's "India lift the World Cup" was wrapped with excitement, our-pillar-of-success Yuvraj fumbled with words and Harbhajan just could not control the tears in his eyes... that is the beauty of victory!! A victory - we all can relate to :)

India started off as the favorites, went on to crush the minnows, tried hard against the English, lost to Proteas and sighed with relief after defeating the West Indians. The Kangaroos were forced to pack their bags and the arch-rivals were sent home. From losing faith in the 'Men in Blue' during the League Matches to appreciating their impeccable performances there on... this series kept every Indian hooked right through the end only to make each one of us proud-satisfied-happy-relieved!!

I prefer not to comment on the matches or the players for I am no master of the game. Better leave it to the veterans. However, I do want to say that I loved the way Team India played throughout the tournament and appreciate the contribution made by each member of the squad. If the wickets fell like pins, the bowlers took up the responsibility... if Sachin got out, the youngsters played their role well... if the captain made a 'wrong' decision, the team worked hard to prove it right... and even when it looked like the game was going out of hands, the people supported their team!!

I watched Invictus just before the start of the tournament and made a wish to see my country win the Cricket World Cup 2011. Tan-da-daaa... the prayers were answered and here we are... celebrating! It's past midnight in India but the party is not over yet, people are bleeding blue, notifications are still popping up on Facebook, the noise of crackers can force anybody to believe that it's Diwali, today. 

These memories are gonna last a lifetime. 'India wins the Cricket World Cup 2011'... aaaahhhh, such music to ears!! 

Thanks to Team India!

P.S. - My thoughts after an hour of celebration:
                       Let's get greedy, let's get mean,
                       Let's ask the team to get World Cup '2015 ;) ;)


  1. I was singing d same sng today "tonites gonna b a gud night..":P..luved ur blog though i missed rahul dravid[all 4 my personla reasons]I had just heard d stories of hw it felt ven kapil dev lift d cup but actually felt d adrenaline rush ven team picked up d cup [had only heard of it][dis shows v r young :P] ...we r feeling exactly d way u feel but u knw hw 2 put it I wish i cud have d 1% of ability 2 write d way u do ..luved reading it ...pheww my comment luks more like a blog....please keep writing coz v all luv reading what u write

  2. Talking about personal reasons... even I wanted to see Dravid lifting that cup up... I wish Gambhir could have completed his century and above allllll... I sooooo want to be in India to be a part of all the crazy activities!!


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