November is here!!

My favorite month of the year is here again... NOVEMBER!!

The November Calender looks like this--

  • 1st to 4th      : Diwali Preparations
  • 5th               : Diwali
  • 6th               : Diwali Party
  • 7th               : My Birthday 
  • 14th             : Expecting a package from India :D
  • 20th to 28th : Family Time
  • 22nd            : Marriage Anniversary

Being the birthday month, it has been my favorite since childhood. The last couple of years have added to the excitement  and fun; it is now the month of my Wedding Anniversary as well :)

Talking about the weather back in India, the mornings are fresh and the days are sunny... just the perfect weather!! What fascinates me more than anything about the weather is that wearing the woolens remains optional ;) Eager to experience winters in this part of the world. Expecting snow...wooo!!

It's gonna be all the more fun this November with events lined up back to back. After the Halloween fun last night with my little friends, we will be celebrating Diwali in a few days. Like the last two years, this Diwali will also be away from 'home' but at home!! Come to think of it, Mom-Dad, Ritu and I have not been together on Diwali for the last three years. This one will add one more to it... FOUR!!

While I AM missing the Diwali celebrations at home, this is gonna be OUR First Diwali after marriage. We have already started the preparations and will do our best to make it a memorable one :) The Diwali Party with friends will be fun as well :)

Being away from the Home Country, one undoubtedly misses out on a lot. Sanket is missing Gwalior and the lit-up streets. The good part is that it leaves your mind working at a super sonic speed and you keep thinking of ways in which you can recreate the magic... and that is exactly what we are doing these days :)

November always keeps my spirits high... it will be family time for us around Thanksgiving!! Mummy, Jijs-Dids and Aarush will be here... loads of chatting, fun while playing Uno, the infectious laughter and an adorable baby will adorn the house. Looking forward to it... :) :)

Ohhh.. I love November :) :)


  1. Tanya u can add 15th too on date list. That will surely remind you a person who might had insulted you most no. of time.
    Anyways if the baby u r talking about is sponsored by you , then many congrats to you and if it is by smbdy else transfer the wishes to her.!! And yes i love november too, i have my own reasons although....

  2. Yeah yeah... I know and I remember!!
    I do apologize for not wishing you on your b'day but trust me I did remember it.

    FYI.. the baby is not 'sponsored' by me :P :P
    Aarush is my Sister-in-Law's son. Will 'transfer' your wishes to her.. keeping some to myself coz being THE Mami even I deserve a share of all the good wishes.. right?

  3. Its all right, this time there are many ppl who dint wished me or rmmbr even, u rmmbrd it till now that's a big thing for me. And yes you deserve keeping "some" share of wishes with urself...


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