The Last One Month!!


I have been away from blogging for a month.. wow.. that's a pretty long time but the question is.. what has kept me busy all this while... hmmm.. let me think!! Well.. a couple of things. like

  • A fun-filled fortnight with family, which includes my one-month old nephew :) The bad part is... when I came back, the house was in a mess. My husband says that he missed me so much that he did not feel like doing 'anything'... haaa!!
  • A painting... yup... only one. I agree, a-painting-a-month is not good stats but sadly that is what my graph is like these days. The good part is... the 'Along the Reflections' series is complete. 
  • Cleared the written stage of the Driver's License Test. I know... it's not all that big but I am thru and glad about it. The difficult part is.. Skill Test to follow... pheewww!!
  • Enjoyed and still enjoying the changing weather. Temperature falling to almost 36 degree Fahrenheit at night. The exciting part is... the changing colors of Fall... yaayy!!
  • Lost my camera :(  Sanket got a new one with more features :D
  • Took a break from kitchen for a couple of days. The interesting part is...on all the other days I did loads and loads of cooking... from Chicken curry, Shahi Paneer and Chhole to Dahi Wada and Samosas.
  • Made some new friends. The fun part is the Family Picnic, Satsang and a Trip to Gull Meadow Farms for Apple Picking. 
  • Had so many birthdays in the family, which includes my Grandfather's 90th :) !!
The days that have gone by have left behind a bag full of memories and hard disc full of pictures :)

A couple of pictures from my series on 'Reflection'. Details to follow. The other two paintings can be seen in the earlier posts.


  1. Brilliant work... I love your choice of colors...

  2. Glad to get your views, Emreen :)

  3. Tanya...Theses r beautiful...great work!


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