Strength of Acrylic Colors

OK... this is not intentional but yes, the first post is going to be related to art. Why? Simply because that is the only thing going on in my mind these days.

I had this porcelain mug with some XYZ company name on it. I have never liked being a marketing agent and just don't like things with brand name lying around in my house. I always think of ways to hide it. So, what I did with this poor little mug is: 'painted it'!!

'S'... S for Sanket, my husband and the flames coming out of it because he just loves hot and spicy food. Though. the reason I gave him was a bit different ;-)

Coming back to the title of the post 'Strength of Acrylic Colors'... this mug of mine just passed the 'microwave test'. The color remained intact even after coming out of the microwave. Yaayyy!!

I'll now go ahead with the next mug :-)


  1. Hey , you have done a good job.. !!

  2. What an Idea sir ji ! i am surely gona try this soon !

    1. All the best... and don't forget to share the results!


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